Aerator & Tiller Rentals in Elma, WA

Getting your landscape in excellent shape is a tough job without the right tools and equipment. Unfortunately, the tools of the trade are a major expense. Instead, rely on East County Rentals, Inc. to provide you with the right equipment on your time frame, at a fraction of the cost of buying new. Whether you’re prepping your property for fall or need to get a handle on weeds and brush, we’ve got you covered with convenient, affordable lawn and garden rentals.

Aerator Rentals

We’re the name to trust for all your aerator rental needs in Elma, WA. Our Bluebird aerator is the best in the business. Since aerators are typically only used twice per year (spring and fall) why spend the money to buy one and then deal with storage? Come to us and we’ll get you the aerator you need for as long as you need, without the expense of buying new.

Tiller Rentals

Our affordable tiller rental service helps Elma, WA gardeners and farmers make quick work of soil prep. Whether you’re in the market for a light-duty mini tiller or something more substantial, we’ve got a variety of models in stock including:

  • Mini Powermate Tiller
  • MTD Front Tine Tiller
  • Rear Tine Tiller

Lawn Mowers

Keep grass and brush trimmed with our quick, convenient lawn mower rentals. We bring the equipment to you so you can get right to work beautifying your property. From general riders to zero-turn options, you’ll find yourself in control of a mower that’s ready to make quick work of your lawn—whether it’s a small lot or a large acreage.

  • Dr. Field & Brush Mower
  • 21″ Rear Bagger Lawn Mower
  • Riding Lawn Mower

Other Lawn and Garden Equipment

Aerators, tillers and lawnmowers are just the start of our selection of quality lawn and garden equipment. We have the tools you need to get your grounds in excellent shape no matter the season. See us for the following affordable equipment rentals:

  • Blowers
  • Edgers
  • Hedge trimmers
  • Landscape rakes
  • Log splitters
  • Peat moss spreaders
  • Post hole augers
  • Pruners
  • Rock rakes
  • Thatchers
  • Weed eaters (string and blade)
  • Weed sprayers

Get Your Grounds Under Control

East County Rentals, Inc. is the trusted name in lawn and garden equipment rental. From aerators to sod cutters and heavy equipment, scissor lift and power tool rentals, we’ve got all the tools required to get your lawn and garden in great shape. Contact us today at 360-482-4131 to reserve equipment.