Why Should I Rent Garden Tools Instead Of Buy?

Gardening can not only be rewarding but a relaxing activity. You can grow plants and beautiful flowers or grow vegetables and fruits, all in your backyard. While some people are enthusiastic gardeners, others might be more casual, with small flower beds or crops. Whichever category you fall in, you will likely require some equipment to do your work.

Can I save money by renting my garden tools?

 Many people face the question of whether to buy or rent equipment for their gardening project. There are several reasons why renting gardening equipment could be the best option for you.

What are the benefits of renting my garden tools this summer?


Whether a new operator on the team or a new garden machine for the company, there is often fresh learning associated with new equipment. A rental company provides equipment training, ensuring productive and safe operation.

Just like companies that offer training with purchases of new equipment, reputable rental companies provide a similar process, training from basic maintenance to appropriate operation.


While companies struggle to keep machines productive throughout the year, some equipment, such as specialty or niche machines, do not have use on every site. Once they complete a particular job, they stay idle, and you must store them until you need them again.

Renting means no storage costs or worries as you rent the machine for the project’s period, then return it.

Skip the transport

When it is time to deliver the equipment at the site, many companies are not prepared to transport heavy equipment. Renting gardening equipment from a dealer ensures local pick-up and delivery of equipment by professional drivers.

Try before buying

Want to test a piece of new equipment to find out if it can serve your needs? Renting equipment allows you to try one or several models to get the right fit before committing to buying.

One benefit of engaging RDO is the chance of rent-to-purchase giving you more buying confidence.

No capital investment required 

Purchasing a piece of equipment is a large expense that might not be feasible with your current budget, more so if jobs are uncertain, cash flow is tight, or any other reason that a purchase is risky.

Renting equipment needs less upfront investment than purchasing.  

No depreciation

Renting equipment means no fears about yearly depreciation related to owning, yet you have the opportunity to use the newest equipment. Additionally, renting reduces balance sheet liabilities, offering a better asset-to-liability ratio for your business.

Up-to-date equipment

Working with modern garden equipment is one of the best ways of ensuring efficiency in a competitive environment. Nevertheless, new equipment comes with greater costs, depreciation, and other drawbacks, particularly for those who cannot afford it.

It is a common misconception that rental machines are often old. Many companies provide low hourly rates and the latest models of equipment to rent. Moreover, some offer machines with the latest technology or the capacity to add technology.  

Equipment disposal

Some companies do not have the means or time to efficiently manage old equipment. This might not seem like a big deal, but you need a proper strategy and plan to maintain older equipment. Renting takes away all these worries.