What Is a Scissor Lift Used For?

Scissor lifts are common equipment in various industries, including warehousing and construction. If you are pretty new to scissor lifts, you likely have many questions. What is a scissor lift? What is a scissor lift used for?

This is an aerial life platform lift that can carry both people and materials. This equipment has a lower platform height than a boom lift and typically only lifts 20 to 50 feet high.

Scissor lifts are usually used in warehouses to allow people to access inventory stores on the uppermost shelves for inventory organization or inspection. They are also used for sign hanging. In the construction industry, this equipment is utilized prevalently.

How Can a Scissor Lift Be Used in Construction?

A scissor lift’s primary use at a construction site is to help workers perform tasks like cable wiring inspection at high elevations. However, the specific job the equipment will perform at a site will depend on its type. Here are the various types of scissor lifts and their uses in construction.

  • Hydraulic: Hydraulic scissor lifts are powered by engine-driven or hand-operated hydraulic systems. This machine relies on the changing pressure of the hydraulic fluid to operate and lift the platform. They are typically utilized for tasks where horsepower and speed aren’t a priority at a construction site, like inspection tasks.
  • Diesel: This type of scissor lift is found at most construction sites. They are usually more robust and typically extend to 30 feet, with some models reaching 60 feet. Diesel scissor lifts usually have a larger aerial platform and can carry heavy loads like construction material and equipment. However, they are best suited for outdoor work due to the hazardous fumes they emit while burning diesel.
  • Electric: Electric scissor lifts are becoming a popular choice over diesel-powered alternatives due to emission concerns. Since they have zero emissions, they are commonly used for interior work like ceiling construction where there is insufficient ventilation.
  • Rough terrain: As the name suggests, rough terrain scissor lifts are exclusively designed for use on outdoor terrain. They feature a high weight capacity, robust, heavy-duty tires, and various safety mechanisms such as fall restraints and arrestors. Thus, they are widely used in construction sites with slopes and uneven surfaces.
  • Pneumatic: This type of scissor lift relies on air pressure to operate and move its lifting mechanism. They don’t emit hazardous fumes like diesel options but lack the power and stamina of diesel and rough terrain alternatives. Thus, they are used for light construction duties and for indoor work where there is limited ventilation.

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